Electrical Components on Classic Cars

//Electrical Components on Classic Cars


Without charging, a car’s battery will go flat in 4 weeks or less, and even faster in winter. When left dormant for months or longer, charging the battery will not be enough, so you will have to replace the battery.

All electrical components and wiring within the car will be checked by Mill Creek Classics specialist to make sure they still work. Wires sometimes degrade over time, particularly if they’ve been exposed to weather elements.

The major components of Electrical System in a car are:

  • Electrical wiring loom
  • Alternator or Dynamo act as the electrical power generator for all the electrical components in the car
  • Engine firing / Ignition Coil / Fuel Pump Switch
    Gasoline engines need the spark to burn the fuel in the cylinders. In diesel engines, the pump is kept on – which is usually done by a solenoid switch, to keep injecting fuel into the engine to keep it running.
  • Cooling fans
    Usually in classic cars the fan is coupled with the engine, but nowadays the fans are controlled electronically switched on by the sensor on the thermostat.
  • Air-Con Blower
    Most of the classic cars do not have the air conditioning unit, however very often we install the same for the comfort of the driver and passengers.
  • Lighting – Head / Tail / Blinkers / Brake Lights and so on are all wired to central fuse board in the car.
  • Motor Actuators / Wipers / Power Windows / Side Mirrors are all used to cary out various functions to assist the driver.
  • Fuse Box is the heart of electrical system in the car. It maintains all the connections to different loads and protects the wiring loom from electrical surcharge.
  • Peripheral Systems are used to power the stereo, cabin light, trunk lights and similar.
  • Starter Motor is responsible for cranking the car to start the engine.The electrical systems were very simple in the past however nowadays customers require more comfort and therefore electrical components are added to the systems. Cars today are fitted with many additional electrical systems like LED screens, SatNav etc.


Engine firing / Ignition Coil / Fuel Pump Switch

Cooling fans

Air-Con Blower


Wiper Motors

Wiper motor installed by Mill Creek Classics Car Restoration and Sales

Fuse Box

Peripheral Systems

Starter Motor

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