Plymouth Barracuda Works June 2018

//Plymouth Barracuda Works June 2018

Plymouth Barracuda 1965 | Restoration Works June 2018


You’re about to see what a $10k paint job looks like.  It won’t be long now… few days:

  1. Final Coat Black X2
  2. 3 Coats Red
  3. 1 Coat Clear
  4. Stripes
  5. 6 Coats Clear

We’ll paint doors/hood BLACK in morning – then ASSEMBLE – then paint car RED.

Sanding/Buffing between MAJOR COATS.

*WE HAVE ONE MORE COAT BLACK TO APPLY TONIGHT – but it will look no different *that stuff is TOXIC and it gets worse from here.


Okay – this gives you SOME IDEA of the RED as it will appear at finish.  *it’ll be more dazzling than this – this is just once over.

NOT the entirety of the INTERIOR gets painted red – because it will be covered over by carpet/headliner/seats/dash, etc…

So you have cover JUST THOSE SPOTS (wheel/overs/door jambs/trunk under – and MOTOR WELL *(this time we’re doing the motor well in CAR COLOR because that’s what SHOW CARS do – this is our first ‘show car’).   You cover THOSE SPOTS first, because once you ASSEMBLE and PAINT you cannot reach those spots so easily.

We RE-ASSEMBLE to PAINT – disassemble AGAIN to put in the INTERIOR and the MOTOR… then we’ll CLOSE – after that comes axles/exhaust/wheels, fine-tuning.

We have our late friend’s SMITTY built 360ci motor for this car which is UNHEARD OF power for this car *the MOTOR is the REAL PRIZE of this car.  We are still considering disc brakes for the front because it’s going to be THAT FAST, but they’re an arm&leg so we’re just going with new shoes for now, unless the prospectus customer requires it.

We know one thing: it’s going to be a FAST RIDE and it will LOOK NICE!!


The weather here is WEIRD – my nose is running – temps/humidity up/down – we cannot paint in this weather.  No problem we are INSTALLING – we have a WAYS TO GO but little-by-little we are bringing her to completion.

We have to be correct on everything here – torque/tightness – these parts will NOT BE UNINSTALLED FOR INTERIOR/MOTOR INSTALL.

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