The company’s identity and its logo go hand in hand.

Creating a meaningful logo is not the easiest of tasks. When creating a logo for our operation we needed to take into consideration many facts.

After lots of brainstorming amongst us, we knew that we wanted to tell a story in a very small space that will represent our ideas, abilities and hard work.

The message: We are an American company based in North Carolina and our business is Classics Car Restoration.

With our accumulated knowledge, experience, workmanship, mindfulness of security and passion, we present you with the Mill Creek Classics Car Restoration Logo.

Classic Car Restoration Classic-car-silhouette separator

The Elements

  • Shield – represents the protection, safety, security, support and safeguard of the kind only American Classics Cars can give you. Its straight and precise curved lines present our precision and patience in the works.
  • Chosen colour scheme is RED (passion), BLUE (professionalism) and WHITE (purity). It coincides with the scheme and positioning of our beloved North Carolina state flag – blue, red, white and a white star
  • The sketch of the iconic Ford Mustang presents probably the most worldwide know American Classics Car ever.
  • Handwritten font and the wording CLASSICS are as transparent as one can get in the description as per how and what do we do.
  • Red ribbon emphasises the company name. The meaning behind the awareness ribbon depends on its color. Using the RED ribbon shows our passion, excitation, intensity and energy for classic car restoration.
Classic Car Restoration Classic-car-silhouette separator

The Badge

We had numerous attempts to recreate the fame of big American Car brands, so arriving at this final logo was not so easy. We are currently in the process of creating the badge that will be proudly displayed on all our restoration works.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the way we think.

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