The Upholstery

The upholstery defines the feel and the atmosphere of the interior of your classic car. With a choice of high quality and durable materials we improve the comfort and create unique ambience and that extravagant looks that you can dream of.

Very carefully chosen  colours and contrasts between carpets, headliners, doors and dashboard trims as well as the roof linings and soft tops for those more adventures ones is of crucial importance. Matching and contrasting the exterior with the interior is designers treat.

Apart from the looks and feel, even the smell of the leather on some restorations we add value to the car and further reduce the external noise factor by using noise reduction liners throughout the car, in the door lining, panels, under the carpet as well as in the roof lining.

When you get the car restored by Mill Creek Classic you will feel that you have just bought a brand new car.

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